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Shift Happens.

"Every positive change in your life begins with a clear, unequivocal decision that you are going to either do something or stop doing something." 

Meet Courtney


Hello! I am Courtney Hirsch and my passion is coaching.


As a Life and Success Coach,  I see myself as an Intuitive Cheerleader that is Grounded, Heart-Centered, and Committed to supporting people on their journey to joy.


I am a Certified Coach who works with individuals, children, families, and businesses to help navigate through personal and professional road blocks that stunt growth, success, and joy.  


I pull from my training, my life experiences, and my roles as wife, mother, daughter (of cancer survivors), friend, BRCA Gene carrier, preeclampsia survivor + preemie mom, student and teacher to personally connect with people and to train them to accept the gift of being HERE…right now.


LIFE is BIG. Relationships are BIG. Careers are BIG. Finances are BIG. Dreams are BIG.  Physical and Emotional Traumas are BIG.  As a Coach I am committed to being your partner to help you navigate the BIGness of Life.  


Through our partnership we will create a sacred space where you have the opportunity to be honest, vulnerable, and powerful.


I am here to make SHIFT HAPPEN.

Everything Happens For Us, Not To Us.
We often become stuck.  It is a natural coping mechanism to approach the peaks and valleys of life with our armor on. Many feel that life needs to look a certain way and we create false realities, often resisting support and feeling that everything needs to be perfect all the time.
Well, I’m here to remind you that
Things do not always go as planned, road blocks can quickly change your current situation or position and the key is to learn how to accept that SHIFT in direction.  
I believe in working to focus on the deeper meaning of the roadblocks.  
Everything Happens For Us, Not To Us.  From those road blocks, true emotional growth can occure.  When we take this stance, we come from a place of ownership and power as opposed to being a victim to our circumstances.  Shift is going to happen and through our Coaching partnership you will ease into welcoming the challenges as you will learn to choose to focus on the potential that comes from every situation.  


The main difference between a Coach and a Therapist is the approach to the end goal.


Coaches are focused on evolving and manifesting potential in our clients, whereas therapists work with the client on healing and understanding the client’s past, which effect their current behaviors.  


Where therapy is more of a medical model, coaching approaches each session in a peer-like manner with emphasis on the client’s present and future self and goals.


When you partner with me as your coach you will have a safe space to evaluate your life and your desires and declare your vision and start working towards it.  


Together we will recognize the behaviors, patterns and habits that may be comfortable but are not moving you towards your vision.

We work on releasing those behaviors and replacing them with effective ones.  


I coach individuals, couples, children, and families.  I facilitate groups and gatherings and I am a motivational speaker.  I specialize in personal energy and thought alignment, law of attraction, accessing intuition, and courageous, creative and inspired action. 

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